About US

Founded in 1994

Our company has become an important brand in Romania, providing a great variety of in the electrical equipment for many industry fields, through the quality services and products we provide. With over 25 years of experience, we have managed to meet our customers’ demands in a professional manner, constantly adapting our products and services to market changes.

Our warehouse and showroom are located in Harmanului street, no. 49S, Brasov, Romania. Having a warehouse and a showroom allows us to always be able to supply our customers with a wide range of products of famous brands in the electrical industry, such as Schneider Electric, OBO Bettermann, Legrand, Gewiss, Kabelschlepp  (+ see more)

One of the many qualities of our company is that due to the experience and passion for what we do is that we have the ability to come to your aid with complex solutions.

With the help of products that always adapt to the requirements of the market and of the consultancy services offered by our top specialists, we managed to successfully cover the needs of any partner. One of the innovative concepts for which we are recognized is represented by offering complete solutions.

Vision: Our vision is to use the true potential of technology to create an efficient and prosperous solution for our partners.

Mission: Our mission is to support enterprises with efficient solutions for the business. Due to our experience and the activity we carry out, we provide top quality products and services to our partners.